Cute Mini Dachshund puppies.
  • 06.06.2024
  • 80

Awww they're becoming more & more active! Gotta love mama Coco & her little bundles of joy They are so unbelievably precious! Three angels. I love that there is little to no talking too, so we can hear the sweet sounds they make. Oh! My goodness! In every video, it's so proven just how much Co Co, loves her babies. Co Co, is the best pup mom I've ever observed except for her mom Lou Lou, I love them all and Mimi too so much. I'm amazed at how fast the babies are growing. It's beautiful watching the babies snuggle up with one another too

Doing everything on a mini dachshund's level
  • 19.05.2024
  • 3249

Mac says " I don't know what's going on but I like it". I would have stayed with him on the floor all day. Happy Saturday Mac's behavior and manner is typical dachshund but he is a sweet unique individual. I want to hug him and kiss his gorgeous ears.

Cutest Dachshund puppy noses.
  • 06.05.2024
  • 858

Coco is a wonderful, sweet and protective mother. She is doing well but she wants nothing more than to be with her puppies. We really have to push her outside to go pee. The puppies drink very well and grow every day. I can watch them all day long. They are soooooo cute. Coco is doing such a great job and also keeping her eyes on her mother, Lou Lou. If I lived in Europe, I'd be waiting in line for one of those puppies. Cuteness overload. Coco is very protective, i can see Lou Lou and Mimi both want to meet the puppies, and i can see Coco saying "NO"...not yet.

Mini Dachshund gives birth to 3 puppies. There is 1 chocolate puppy.
  • 05.05.2024
  • 1077

How beautiful! I am crying happy tears. Congratulations to Coco and all your family. Looking forward to the updates! Brilliant video. How thrilling! They are beautiful. (Those little ears! ) Coco looks to be a wonderful mother, and LouLou seems to showing respect for CoCo’s new status. And Fred’s moral support was invaluable.

Mini dachshund don't like spaghetti
  • 29.04.2024
  • 1862

Godiva's a good girl, please give her a treat Godiva is such a beautiful girl I adore her

MINI Dachshund I can't resist!
  • 26.04.2024
  • 554

Oh Theo you have very good taste and a good appetite, you certainly enjoy life Bon appetite beautiful Theo you loved your fish and chips

MINI Dachshund Has Talent
  • 23.04.2024
  • 2209

Thank you for the entertainment Theo I loved you having a good wiggling session and for making my evening feel better you are such an adorable little pup who is full of energy and love I hope you have a lovely rest of your day with all the family lots of love from me Theo your talent is lovable, entertaining and we can't get enough. Sweet boy!

  • 22.04.2024
  • 996

Dear Theo you must be mum's favourite as nothing gets past you even when it's brunch time you're there to clean mum's plate followed by a happy dance then nap hope you enjoyed your Sunday thank you for sharing this as always it was a pleasure to watch you sweet theo your a little ray of sunshine in my life

Mini dachshund plays with dog bubbles!
  • 20.04.2024
  • 1356

Sweet Mac. Thanks for always making me smile and have a better day. Love you Mac Oh my goodness Mac!! You love the bubbles. You are adorable catching them️ Thank you for sharing your happiness

Family Diary- Mini Dachshunds visited grandma. They are exhausted.
  • 20.04.2024
  • 1707

I know that Grandma was happy to see everyone. The Mallards are so pretty; I love the babies. I am happy for Romy -that she doesn't have to wear her braces anymore. Happy Sunday Eveline and family! A beautiful, busy day! The birdsong was so beautiful to hear...and the adorable Mallard showing off her ducklings. I bet your Mum enjoys your visits and garden help... love the pony in the next field. Coco, are you getting ready for those pups?? Nice to keep up the exercise as it will be easier for her to whelp. Congrats, Romy, on your wonderful smile! As always, thank you Eveline for sharing your days.