Child Lock

Today, almost every family has a computer and an internet connection at home.
In addition to you, dear parents, our children also spend some of their days on the internet.

Our children, who generally surf in environments such as Facebook and Twitter, sometimes become dependent on them and may stay in contact with malicious people.

Unfortunately, as in the 80s-90s, the games played on the street have been replaced by computer games and they are causing great harm to our children.

In addition, the internet and the internet environment is unfortunately not as clean as we think. Thanks to the Internet, the number of information we can find is huge and it is not possible to say that all of them are useful information. is a personally opened blog page and does not contain any warez content that will harm children’s and mental health. How Safe is a Blog?

Since our content is entered by two authors and other people cannot share articles on our blog, the topics of each content we enter are carefully selected and written one by one. In addition, the pictures shared on our topics are carefully examined and added to our topics. Advertisements made on our blog belong to other personal blog owners like us and the advertisements do not contain any bad content.

The comments made on our blog are the responsibility of the person who wrote them, and the comments containing profanity are not approved and are never reflected on the page. Your comments will be displayed on our page after they have been read and approved beforehand.

Name or Nick (Nickname) and e-mail address are required to comment on our blog. In addition, people who want to find a Web site area can write their own web addresses. The e-mail address is a mandatory part and is never viewed by third parties. In addition, since there is no membership system, there is no possibility of private messaging and direct communication between people.
So what should we do to keep you and our children safe on the Internet?

1. Do not use your real information on the internet. (Name, Surname, Address, Age, Your Phone Number).

2. If you choose a password that contains letters, numbers and symbols while determining your password, it is less likely to be compromised.

3. If you encounter google harmful site warning while entering sites, leave the site immediately.

4. Don’t play with your mental health by spending too much time on social networks.

5. Since we do not have a membership system, we do not have an event such as collecting personal information.
So What Can Your Child Do Here?

Our children can read the topics we have created on our blog, look at the pictures of decoration ideas we share, and read and comment on our reviews about home design.

After all these, if you want your child’s comments to be deleted from our blog, you can contact us by sending an e-mail from the contact section and ask us to remove the comments. Emails are checked daily.


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