• DateTop 10 Strangest Cats In The World

    Top 10 Strangest Cats In The World

    Cats are incredible animals that bring laughter, affection and happiness to people. Today, there are about 100 officially recognized cat breeds, of which we certainly don’t even know half of them unless you are an expert on the subject. In this top 10 list, we…

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  • NatureTop 10 Highest Mountain Ranges In The World

    Top 10 Highest Mountain Ranges In The World

    Mountain ranges are a series of mountains that occur in a linear pattern and are connected by high grounds. They are formed by a number of geological processes, but most are formed by the movement of tectonic plates. Most of the world’s highest mountain ranges…

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  • Animals10 Animals That Change Color

    10 Animals That Change Color

    Some animals have the unique ability to change color. The ability to change color can help animals protect themselves from their predators as it allows them to blend into their natural environment. Here is a list of 10 animals that change color. 10. Chameleons Source:…

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  • CountriesTop 10 Most Beautiful Countries In The World

    Top 10 Most Beautiful Countries In The World

    Every country has something beautiful and unique to offer; whether it be the delicious local cuisine, the distinctive features, the pioneering architecture, unspoilt landscapes, beautiful parks, beautiful cities or timeless villages. These special features help to create an image of a country that is attractive…

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  • DateTop 10 Longest-Living Animals

    Top 10 Longest-Living Animals

    Animals living under natural conditions rarely approach their maximum age due to very high mortality rates from infant mortality, disease, predators, bad weather, habitat destruction or competition for food and shelter. In the list below you will discover which 10 animals live the longest. 10.…

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  • FunTop 10 Most Beautiful Islands In The World

    Top 10 Most Beautiful Islands In The World

    Do you know why islands are so special? The white sand beaches, coral reefs, beautiful sunsets, unique animal species – they have so many things that grab our attention. But choosing an island destination for your next vacation can be a chore. Don’t worry, here…

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  • DateTop 10 Animals With The Strongest Bite Force

    Top 10 Animals With The Strongest Bite Force

    Humans have a bite force of 80 to 110 kg/cm². But that low number of collapsing jaws pales in comparison to these fascinating wildlife creatures. Well, what are you waiting for? Put your teeth in the top 10 animals with the strongest bite force. 10.…

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  • Most ExpensiveTop 10 Animals That Hibernate

    Top 10 Animals That Hibernate

    When you’re a wild animal, surviving harsh winter weather and food shortages can be a challenge. Animals have adapted in many areas, including wintering. Although often thought to be a long sleep, hibernation is in fact quite different, with the animals lowering their metabolism, temperature,…

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  • NatureTop 10 Hottest Place On Earth

    Top 10 Hottest Place On Earth

    Summer for the people of the Northern Hemisphere means pleasant and warm weather, but summer in these extremely hot places is downright brutal. These are the 10 hottest places on Earth. 10. Bandar-e Mahshahr, Iran 9. Ghadames, Libya 8. Kebili, Tunisia 7. Timbuktu, Mali 6.…

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  • Strange10 Animals That Die After Sex

    10 Animals That Die After Sex

    It sounds crazy, but suicidal reproduction – also known as semel parity – is common in nature. There are surprisingly many animals that die immediately after intercourse or not long after the mating season. The males in particular are forced to live quickly and die…

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