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Who can resist the cute expressions of cute kittens now? No one. They can easily create a positive vibe wherever they are. The small size can be one of the main things you love about kittens. The happy news is that there are some breeds that stay small throughout their lives. Here is the list of 10 smallest cat breeds in the world.

10. Scottish Fold Ear Cat

Scottish Fold Eared Cat
source: pexels

Recognizable by its beautiful, small folded ears, the Scottish Fold-eared Cat is one of the most beautiful cats in the world. An adult male of this cat breed weighs between 4 – 6 kg and a female a maximum of 4 kg. In general, the Scottish fold-eared cat has a rounded shape – the folded ears give a perfect rounded shape to their faces.

Not only the face, but also the eyes of the Scottish Fold-eared Cat are round in shape. Their neck and nose are short. The legs are short to medium length. The fur of the Scottish fold ear cat is either short or long and comes in any color or combination.

9. Sphynx

Source: Igor Lukin

The medium sized sphynx is famous for its lack of fur. Their muscular body weight is between 2.7 and 5.4 kg. Despite its size, this cat breed has large ears and large eyes. Their head is wedge-shaped and has a broad chest and a moderately long neck. The legs are thick and the tail is long.

Actually, sphynx cats are not hairless. This cat breed is covered with a fine down. It’s really hard to see them with your eyes. The loose skin also shows some wrinkles on their body. The skin of the sphynx can be seen in different colors and patterns.

8. Oriental Shorthair

oriental shorthair
Source: Tania Van den Berghen

Related to the Siamese family, the Oriental Shorthair is an active cat breed. They have a long body that can only weigh up to 4.5 kg. Despite its size, the body of the Oriental Shorthair is nicely muscled. Their legs are long and slender, the ears are large, the nose is straight and the tail is long. The beautiful almond-shaped eyes come in a blue or green color.

The Oriental Shorthair’s medium-length coat comes in over 300 colors and patterns. Oriental can be a great companion for you. They are very entertaining and love to be involved in different activities. They are sensitive and demand your attention.

7. American Curl

American Curl
Source: Nickolas Titkovy

The beautiful American Curl is known for its unique backward curls. Although small in size, the American Curl is a well-muscled breed of cat. An adult cat of this breed weighs between 3.1 and 4.5 kg.

The smooth, silky coat of the American Curl comes in one or the other long varieties with no undercoat. The color of the coat is mainly white, blue, black, red, chocolate, lilac and golden. In addition to all this, American Curl is a sweet, family oriented, playful cat.

6. Javanese

Source: Nickolas Titkovy

The Javan is a medium-sized, long-haired cat with a muscular body. This slender cat weighs between 2.2 – 9 kg. Javanese cats have a long body, long tail, long nose and long legs.

The head of Javanese cats is wedge-shaped. The eyes are probably the most attractive feature of this cat breed. The beautiful almond shaped eyes are in a deep blue color. The long, silky hair of Javanese cats also comes in different colors.

5. Devon Rex

Devon Rex
Source: John Lester

Devon Rex is a small, beautiful family cat with a unique appearance. This cat breed is considered alien because of their large ears and eyes. When checking the physical features, devon Rex has a slender body that weighs no more than 4.5 kg. Their big, deep eyes are so striking, have high cheekbones and long legs.

The soft, wavy coat of devon Rex comes in all possible colors and combinations. Not just the look, devon Rex can also be a great companion for you. This cat breed is highly intelligent, active and entertaining. They easily learn tricks from you and love to engage in various activities.

4. Cornish Rex

Cornish Rex
Source: Tomi Tapio

Cornish Rex is a small cat with a short, fine coat. Their body is slender but muscular. This cat breed does not weigh more than 4 kg. The distinctive feature of Cornish Rex is its egg-shaped head and large, wide-open ears. Both the tail and the legs of this cat breed are long.

Cornish Rex is a very intelligent, family oriented and smart cat. They learn tricks quickly and love to play with toys. Cornix Rex also shows a kitten-like character in old age.

3. Munchkin

Source: Donutew

The most notable feature of the Munchkin cat breed is its short, small legs. This is caused by a mutation. In addition, it is a small to medium-sized cat breed with a maximum weight of 4 kg. They have a broad head, high cheekbones and medium sized ears. The walnut-shaped eyes of Munchkin cats are so beautiful.

Munchkin cats come in both short-haired and long-haired varieties. Their beautiful coat comes in all colors and patterns. Even though the legs are short, Munchkin cats are very agile. They love to play with toys. They get along well with children and other cats.

2. German Rex

german rex
Source: pxhere

German Rex is a small to medium sized cat with a unique appearance. When mature, they would weigh about 2.7 – 3.8 kg. But their body is quite muscular. The round face with large, open ears gives German Rex cats a beautiful appearance. Their legs are long and slender and the tail is medium in length.

The beautiful coat of the German Rex comes in different colors. In personality, the German Rex is very friendly, affectionate and loyal. They are very playful and need a lot of space. They also get along well with children.

1. Singapore

Source: Donutew

Singapura is the smallest of all domestic cats in the world. This small cat breed only weighs between 1.8 and 3.7 kg. Singapura may be the smallest cat breed, but their bodies are muscular. In addition, this cat breed has a lot of energy. They love to jump and remain playful even into adulthood.

The most notable features of Singapura are their large ears and large eyes. Their neck is short and thick. The tail is also short with a black tip. The short coat of this breed has a tabby pattern (striped pattern). In personality, Singapura is a curious, active cat breed. They love to play with toys. This cat breed also gets along well with other cats.

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