Top 10 Strongest Alcoholic Drinks

14. Good ol’ Sailor Vodka: 85%

Good ol' Sailor Vodka

You’ll notice the radical Mattias Broden-designed bottle when you get your hands on this strong vodka from Sweden. And you may not be able to see anything else, because the potion will knock you out, and you won’t be able to see anything else. The fruity taste of a good ol’ sailor is light enough to disguise the danger lurking beneath the surface. The drink is environmentally friendly, yet it is dangerous for your health.

13. Devil Springs Vodka: 80%

Devil Springs Vodka

The bottle of New Jersey vodka greets you with a stark warning: “Don’t drink at full proof,” because the vodka is notorious for cleaning your memory. The vodka is used to make one-of-a-kind, potent potions. The vodka thinks it comes from the devil’s well, as its name suggests.

12. Sunset Very Strong Rum: 84.5%

Sunset Very Strong Rum

Sunset Very Strong Rum is an apt name for this drink, as it contains 84.5 percent alcohol. It may not be the hardest drink listed in this article, but it will certainly burn your throat. Sunset rum, a product of St. Vincent Distillers in the West Indies, earned the award for the world’s best overproof rum in 2016.

11. Balkans 176°: 88%.

Balkans 176°

This vodka produced in Serbia has been distilled three times. The drink is prepared in small batches to achieve its strength. There are 13 health warnings on each bottle of the drink, making it clear that it is a dangerous drink. Many people have died as a result of consuming Balkan, many in a short period of time. So be warned before you take the plunge.

10. Pincer Shanghai Strength: 88.8%

Pincer Shanghai Good luck

This vodka is healthy, but can quickly get you drunk due to its 88.88 percent alcohol content. Pincer is intended to be used as a concentrate, but the makers have chosen botanicals as an environmentally friendly alternative. Scotland boasts numerous cocktails that are among the strongest alcoholic drinks in the world. One of the ingredients is milk thistle, which is used as a liver supplement. However, it appears to be able to reverse the effects of the alcohol content of the drink.

9. Hapsburg Gold Label Premium Reserve Absinthe: 89.9%

Hapsburg Gold Label Premium Reserve Absinthe

On the label of Hapsburg Gold is a sentence that reads: “There are no rules”. As is customary with spirits, the drink should be served with a mixer. Also known as the green fairy, Hapsburg has a reputation for causing hallucinations. Many artists consume it because it inspires them to be more creative. Because there are so many different brands, there are now many Hapsburg fans in the Czech Republic. Most brands contain a higher amount of alcohol and thujone, the psychedelic compound, but Hapsburg has the highest alcohol concentration.

8. River Antoine Royale Grenadian Rum: 90%

River Antoine Royale Grenadian Rum

Grenade rum is made in Grenada and is prepared using the classic method of pot distillation. It contains 90% alcohol. It has a strong taste because it is made with fermented sugar cane and a water wheel. It is recommended to sip it from a water glass, just like the locals do.

7. Poitín (Poten): 90%

Poitin (Poten)

A traditional Irish spirit made from barley, potatoes, whey, or grain. The first mention of the drink dates back to the sixth century. However, it was classified as illegal moonshine for 300 years, until 1977, when it was legalized. The most potent strains now found in markets have an alcohol content of 90%.

5. Bruichladdich X4: 92%

Bruichladdich X4

Bruichladdich is a 92 percent alcoholic single malt whiskey from Scotland. It is pure and powerful, thanks to the quadruple distillation procedures used in the 17th century. Martin Martin, a tourist in Hebridean, described it in 1695 as a potent spirit, calling it dangerous whiskey in Gaelic. The locals told him that one sip would make him immortal, two sips would make him blind, and three potions would kill him instantly. It gained notoriety because the BBC successfully used it to fuel a car.

4. Everclear 190 Proof: 95%

Everclear 190 Proof

Everclear is now real American firewater. Everclear is a corn-based alcoholic drink with a good 95 percent alcohol content. It has become iconic due to its high alcohol content and widespread availability. It is clear, odorless and tasteless. On the label, the producers advise against taking it pure.

3. Spirytus Rektyfikowany Rectified Spirit: 96%

Spirytus Rektyfikowany Rectified Spirit

With an alcohol content of 96 percent, it is the most powerful liqueur in the world, with a pleasant aroma and moderate taste. For the preparation of spirits stawki, first-class ethyl alcohol and grain are used. The taste of this drink is not something you would wish or desire. A sip from the bottle is described by some who have tried it as a punch to the stomach that prevents normal breathing. Abusing this spirit is the same as committing suicide.

2. Cocoroco 96%


This Bolivian drink is a tad weaker than the first, but it’s still awful. It’s made from sugar cane and usually comes in a can rather than a bottle, reinforcing the idea that you’re drinking paint thinner. Cocoroco is illegal in many other countries because it has a high alcohol content of 96 percent. In Bolivia’s neighboring country Chile, for example, by law no drink can contain more than 55 percent alcohol.

1. Eesti Piiritus: 96.6%

Eesti Piiritus

Eesti Piiritus comes from Estonia, a small Baltic country. The locals, like much of the Soviet Union, know how to handle their booze. Tourists who come to Estonia to sample the sumptuous Scandinavian cuisine of Sweden and Finland are very popular. In 1938, Estonians entered the Guinness Book of Records for the strongest alcoholic drink, 98 percent alcohol content. It is now 96.6 percent, and they continue to consume it.

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